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Our fresh sauces are the compliment to the Italian feast. We use the finest ingredients beginning with Stanislaus Fresh Packed tomatoes of California. We do not cook our sauces hour after hour. The overcooking of the tomatoes simply evaporates its water content making a pasty product of scorched diluted flavors. intense flavors that you are anticipating.

The tomatoes, just as other fresh ingredients, spices and herbs are carefully handled. The prudent handling of fresh produce, just like the careful cooking of the sauces, creates the intense flavors that you are anticipating.

The sauces are sold in one pound (2 cup) containers. To determine how much sauce you will need. Think one cup per person for a flat pasta like spaghetti, but for ravioli, one cup of sauce will serve three people.


The standard of the Italian pasta sauces. Fresh packed Roma tomatoes, fresh garlic, olive oil, ripe olives, limited spices and herbs with a kiss of Mediterranean anchovies.

Italian sausage and ground beef are cooked to remove the unnecessary fat. The meats are then combined with the Roma tomatoes that are lightly seasoned to heighten their flavor. Cooking continues until the proper temperature is sustained. Now, the herbs are added and cooked just long enough so that they release their natural oils that will infuse flavor throughout the sauce.

The flavor of the freshest summer tomatoes. Roma tomatoes are blanched in hot water to remove their skins. Instead of cooking them in the traditional manner they are roasted in the oven with fresh garlic, fresh carrots, fresh rosemary and a little olive oil. The slow roasting of the tomatoes intensifies their flavor. It is almost magical. This light fresh tasting sauce will not mask the delicacy of your entree but will enhance it.

A more complicated sauce than it sounds, but you may simply think of it as a marinara sauce loaded with artichoke hearts. Wonderful on pasta but originally designed for another dish, altogether, by Ms. Donna’s Kitchen of Collinsville, Virginia. First, sauté fresh garlic in olive oil to infuse the flavor of the garlic into the oil. Be sure not to burn the garlic, keep it translucent. Next, cook boneless, skinless chicken breasts in the garlic oil. This really does the cooking of the chicken. When the chicken is about done pour the Red Artichoke Sauce over the chicken breasts and let it steep for just a few minutes. Now, remove the chicken, turn up the heat to reduce the sauce and pour it over the chicken and serve. Your family and guests will thank you and think you are from the south of Rome and not just from southern Virginia.
Everything your doctor told you not to have. Cream, cheese, cheese and more cream. The sauce that put fettuccine on the map. To make a wonderful “Straw in Hay” simply add cooked crumbled Italian sausage, sweet peas, diced ham and mushrooms to the Alfredo Sauce and heat to a simmer. Serve over spinach and egg fettuccine with freshly grated parmesan cheese. Next, they will be asking you for Italian lessons.
The staff of life, the curer of ills. Fresh garlic briefly sautéed in olive oil with a pinch of coarse salt, melded into creamery butter with a hint of parsley. The sauce for any and all occasions. My favorite as a child growing up in New York, was spaghetti drowned in garlic butter, at Delmonicos on Wednesday nights. Simply, melt the garlic butter and pour it over the fresh spaghetti. Be sure, however, to accent with chopped parsley and parmesan cheese. The parsley is important because it will heighten the flavor of the entire dish.
Not quite the New England style of a white clam sauce that can be heavy with cream and chopped cohog clams. This is an Italian style clam sauce that is made with sweet delicate baby clams. The flavor of the clams is enhanced with fresh garlic, clam broth, butter, olive oil, carrots, spices and a bit of pancetta. Pancetta is a mild, cured, unsmoked Italian bacon. Traditionally white clam sauce is served over fresh linguini but this sauce is so good it can be served as a soup with a crusty bread on the side.
Always in demand with the fresh basil of our warm summers. It takes a whole lot of basil leaves, not stems, to create a flavor that cannot be overstated. When making pesto from scratch be sure to use plenty of pine nuts, Pecorino Romano and parmesan cheese, fresh garlic, olive oil and a hint of crushed salt. Please don’t limit yourself to pesto just on fresh pasta. Use it on vegetables, on cream cheese as an appetizer, on crusty breads and even on roasted potatoes. Let your imagination run wild across your taste buds. Note, we freeze our fresh pesto sauce, under a layer of olive oil, so that it will not loose its flavor through oxidation. This allows you to use our fresh pesto sauce all year long.
Fresh packed tomatoes, fresh basil, olive oil, spices and herbs. A light, smooth tomato sauce specifically designed for one purpose, to compliment the pizza. This sauce, along with our meatballs, create the perfect meatball sub.


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